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  1. Email Designer
  2. Style Your Emails
  3. Personalized Content
  4. Enhance your emails.
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Email Designer

Anyone can create beautiful campaigns. No coding needed.

Our drag & drop email designer enables anyone to create highly dynamic and engaging emails. Add images, add your content, make edits, and more. Learn More

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Style Your Emails

Style your campaigns to be as unique as your business

Style your email campaigns to match your brand and unique personality. Customize everything. The overall theme, colors, fonts, and more. Or have our designers style your email for free! Learn More

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Personalized Content

Content that is personalized and dynamically generated.

Every email can be personalized for your contacts. Ensure content is relevant by creating content that shows up for contacts who match certain conditions. Learn More

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Enhance your Emails

Embed video, live ecommerce data, and real-time blog posts.

Don't settle for static and stale content. Embed live product data from your store, recent blog posts, and add Vimeo or Youtube videos. Learn More


Build your list and manage your contacts more efficiently. Using our contact based features you will learn personal details of your contacts while using that data for mass email marketing, personalized campaigns, and more


Quickly add your content without any technical knowledge. Adding new content is a click away and we connect with all the services  you love to use (video services, eCommerce platforms, etc..)


Find out how many contacts are opening your emails. You can even view which individual contacts viewed your email, how many times they opened it, and the date/time that they viewed it